My best friend It’s been almost one year since …

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My best friend

It’s been almost one year since she moved from DC and this weekend she’s visiting for the first time. I’m so excited to see her tomorrow night!

A crew of friends are meeting us out at a trendy new bar tomorrow night. The theme of the weekend is to acquaint her with all of the novel, new venues in DC. She’s never seen the new Georgetown cineplex with stadium seating, or the addition to Hecht’s and new H&M store at Metro Center. Over the weekend we plan to make appearances at Zola, Zatinya, Ceiba, and Degrees.

We’re also catching the matinee performance of Cats – which closes this weekend.

With my partner – in – crime back in town, I’ll have lots of stories to post about next week!

Is your best friend local or long distance like mine? Do you have a best friend – or many people who fit the bill?


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