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Things we talk about at work

Ulrich Weiser of Tuebingen University is a member of the German research team that discovered the secret of ancient Egyptian mummification.

The team successfully replicated the mysterious concoction which includes “cedar-wood juice.”

This got a group of us thinking…. will this become a new funerary option here in the States. The few times the topic had come up, Id always advocated donating my organs and then settling for a traditional burial. Lately I’ve considered the benefits of cremation.

Oddly (?), most of my colleagues were opposed to cremation. Two were visibly excited about this new discovery (excited at the prospect of modern day mummification?). Three were sure cryogenically freezing their heads was the way to go. (Are you getting the gist of the type of people I work with?). And the rest seemed most comfortable with a regular burial (with no organ donation).

Do you ever think about it? If you could instruct your loved ones of your preference, what would you tell them? Are you an organ donor or opposed to the concept?


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