Weekend Update

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M Street I’m officially on vacation. For a week. A much needed break from the chaos around me.

Work has been crazy for the last couple months. One event after another followed by a series of minor crises. At least my life’s not boring. Add weekend visitors to that mix and you get a touch of madness.

The heat in DC was almost unbearable last week. And the a/c in my building was on the fritz. As in – the temperature in my apartment was higher than the temperature outside. And outside was hot! So it’s been a challenge.

Of course the building engineer claims a/c will be up and running tomorrow. But I won’t be here to enjoy it. Instead I’ll be in Massachusetts, crashing on my parents’ couch, with no a/c. I only hope the weather cooperates.

Two friends came down from NYC this weekend for today’s March for Women’s Lives. I begged off, claiming exhaustion. But in truth, I feel jaded towards these marches and protests.

The first march I remember is the Million Man March. Since then I have participated in a dozen rallies (including the Tibetan Peace Concerts and have met protestors from around the world, participating in the hundreds of protests and marches organized each year…. all causes are represented from PETA to the World Bank and IMF to Earth Day to the WWII Memorial. Some groups are small and other events require the DCPD to put up barriers and put in overtime.

I have a been there, done that attitude. So I stayed in for this one – watching updates on tv and relaxing.

What did you do this weekend?


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