Forget that African Safari

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Scientists have been buzzing about the cicadas for months. The red-eyed Brood X have been making headlines.

The press has done a good job of forewarning about the noise, the lifecycle, the poor eyesight, and get `em while they’re hot items.

I don’t care that they’re not particularly dangerous. I could care less that they don’t bite. They’re gross!

I’ve been blessed… haven’t seen any of those darstedly critters until this morning and all day today. Walking from the metro to my office building I noticed 6 squished cicadas on the sidewalk. By the time I grabbed lunch around 3:00, the pavement was littered with carcasses. (shudder)

I felt like Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets” as I danced down the street, trying to avoid stepping on one of them and feeling icky – just thinking about them.

Well… they’re here, they’re in my way, and let me put if this way – they ain’t no ladybug. I say good riddance! I can’t believe I have to put up with them til July (shudders again).

And this coming from a girl who’s dream vacation is a monthlong African Safari. Yeah. Right. Who am I kidding?


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