And the theories keep on coming

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Dr. Marc-André  Gutscher, a geologer from the University of Western Brittany in Plouzané, France, may have discovered the source of the Atlantis myth.

Spartel Island, located in the Gulf of Cadiz outside the Straits of Gibraltar, may once have laid 196 feet (60 m) above water.   The small island was originally proposed as the location of Atlantis by Jacques Collina-Girard from the University of the Mediterranean in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Then again, it seems a new theory pops up every couple years.

Like the Americans who believe that Atlantis lies off the coast of Cyprus.

Or off the coast of southern Spain.

Or the Iberian Peninsula.

Or smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

My two favorite theories are that:

1. Atlantis is on Antarctica and covered by sheets of ice and glaciers.

2. The Azores are all that is left of the ancient island continent.

Then again, the SciFi Channel is making a killing with it’s version of history told through Stargate Atlantis.

What’s your favorite theory?


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