I had a secret

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This tiny unassuming pizza joint made the best grilled chicken salad on Earth. That’s right – on the entire planet.

I’m addicted to Giorgio’s grilled chicken salads. Two, three times a week, I’d call in my order for pickup.

One grilled chicken salad, no olives, extra peppers.

My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

Two weeks ago Giorgio’s closed. I think. The number rings and rings. But it doesn’t look like they’re closed. There isn’t an official sign that says they’re gone forever. Cans of soda still sit in the refrigerators along the back wall.

It’s like everyone went on vacation for two weeks. And forgot to tell the neighbors a.k.a. customers.

But it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get my salad.

Now I’ve tried others. I ordered the Shanghai chicken salad from Cosi – which was alright. I went into DC Cafe and ordered their version of the grilled chicken salad, only to be sourly disappointed. I’ve tried California Pizza Kitchen and Bertucci’s.

Then I went upscale… to Levante’s, to Daily Grill, to Spezie. But alas, none compare to Giorgio’s.

To all the Washingtonians out there…… can anyone recommend a place to get a good grilled chicken salad?


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