In a nutshell


Happy October — or not so happy depending on your perspective. I want to know what happened to September.

I’ve got about 15 draft posts to finish editing and publish to this site. So I’ll be publishing in reverse as I complete them.

Where does all my time go?

  • visited the Encompassing the Globe exhibit at the Sackler Gallery. I am enamored with armillary spheres and astrolabes.
  • went to a lecture on Portugal’s Golden Age
  • learned about Malta’s prehistoric temples
  • spent time at the Portuguese American Leadership Council annual meeting and attended a reception at the ambassador’s residence
  • visited my ancient globes, maps, armillary spheres and compasses everyday for three days before the exhibit closed (yes, I can get obsessive)
  • christened the back bar of James Hoban’s on Dupont Circle with a glass of scotch
  • listened to four White House press secretaries reminisce about their jobs
  • learned about Timbuktu
  • watched Knocked Up
  • traveled to Philadelphia for the first time
  • went through the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute
  • walked through the Amarna exhibit at the U Penn Museum
  • watched The Kingdom
  • stalked some of my favorite authors at the National Book Festival
  • went on a diet

So how was your September in a nutshell?


4 thoughts on “In a nutshell

  1. Hey, I missed you!

    In a nutshell: massive job hunt. … I hope my stalker from work isn’t reading this.

  2. Lesseeee…finished reading 6 books of various levels of quality. Put the (I hope) final polish on a short story I’m going to submit this week. Flew to Ft. Lauderdale and drove back. Panic cleaned my house a few times.

    Other than that, it was a slow month.

  3. Hey, you HAVE been busy!!

    How was Knocked Up? I’d been wanting to see it, but I’ve heard from friends that it’s a bit overrated..and probably worth seeing the DVD but not shelling out $$$ for movie tickets.

  4. I had a birthday in September. Nutshell enough for you?

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